Antitrust Compliance Statement

It is the policy of the Colorado Association of Health Plans (CAHP) to conduct all of its activities in full compliance with federal and state antitrust laws. Trade associations such as CAHP have general protections from antitrust laws afforded to lobbying activities before state and federal officials on behalf of their membership.

During meetings and other association activities, including all informal or social discussions at the sites of any CAHP meetings, it is important that each member refrain from discussing or exchanging information regarding any competitively sensitive information with any other member. Such information includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Prices or premiums charged for managed care or insurance products
  • Any increase, decrease, or discount in prices or premiums
  • What constitutes a fair price level
  • Allocation of customers, enrollees, sales territories, sales of any product, or contracts with providers
  • Refusal to deal with any customer, class, or group of customers
  • Refusal to deal with any provider, class, or group of providers
  • What products or services will be offered to enrollees
  • Other competitively sensitive information, such as information about market share, profits, margins, costs, reimbursement levels or methodologies for reimbursing providers, or terms of coverage

If you have any questions or antitrust concerns relating to CAHP programs, meetings, or activities, consult with CAHP legal counsel or your own counsel.

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